Unusually well qualified (with a Bachelor’s Degree and recently obtaining a Masters degree in Communication design and a continuing faculty role with Swinburne University) Anita has an unquenchable passion for design. Especially defining though, is her fluency on all topics relating to branding and typography.

Where many Art Directors, and visual artists generally, are comfortable only when speaking through their work, Anita is a thoughtful and articulate communicator of ideas. This instinctive capacity to identify and articulate the core of a product or service or brand is effortlessly absorbed into her design output.



With family playing a large role in Anita’s entire life, she decided to dedicate her company name to her foundations. ‘Ninth Street East’ is the name of the street where her Dad’s business ran for 30 years before a recent site relocation. Her two brothers work alongside her Dad in the family business and it was the early support and guidance from her parents that was influential to her dedication and values today.

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